Hi there, I’m Rob! I’m on a mission to design & create software that helps people thrive.

Here, you’ll find my personal thoughts, recommendations, current projects, and everything in between.

Get to know Rob

I’m a determined software entrepreneur with over two decades of experience under my belt. Despite a few early setbacks (let’s just say my initial startups didn’t quite take off), I’ve stayed hungry for knowledge and personal growth. Now, I have a wealth of stories and insights to share with you.

I am fascinated with team dynamics and building systems that help move people and companies forward. I’m energized by the AI revolution, open-source software, user experience design, and helping small businesses thrive, just to name a few. I also believe in nurturing a growth mindset and embracing a well-rounded, balanced lifestyle – which means you’ll find me exploring topics such as writing, nutrition, being a better dad, relationships, movement, psychology, angel investing and all things AI.

So, come join me on this exciting journey, and together let’s discover new ways to thrive in the ever-evolving world of technology and personal development.

What’s On This Website

I believe writing fuels my learning. I also believe that sharing my daily work can provide value to others. So I seek to share my experiences by learning in public as often as I can.

Say hi.

This website is a great way for me to share what’s on my mind and things I’m working on (without all the noise). I enjoy mentoring young entrepreneurs, building, advising and occasionally investing in early-stage software companies.

Rob Saric