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Great Coders Are Artists

|January 5, 2013
I wanted to share my thoughts on the fine line between art and software design. Is software development an engineering discipline? Is it art? Is it more like a craft? Software

Strong Relationships Are Built by Helping Others Succeed

|August 20, 2012
Our greatest successes in life are often found in helping others succeed. Our most lasting and fulfilling achievements are often earned by helping others fulfill theirs. You might want to start something

Be an Insatiably Curious and Great Intrapreneur

|August 20, 2012
A very good colleague of mine is quickly becoming the ‘go to’ person at his new company.  He’s the type of person every boss absolutely loves because he actually gets shit

7 Lessons Learned While Building a Startup

|June 7, 2011
I thought it would be worthwhile to share some of my own experiences over the past few months, as well as a few lessons learned during the process of building a


Don’t Be an Organizational Houdini

Forced perspective is a photographic illusion generally used to make two or more objects seem to be a different size than their actual size. A classic example of this is when

Treat Contractors Well

They come in all shapes and sizes: needy ones, demanding ones, ones that know too much, ones that know too little, ones that don’t pay – most of us have experienced

Systems thinking.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

If you had tried to convince people that the most successful MP3 player would have fewer buttons and less functionality, not more, you would have been dismissed as a fool. But

Game Mechanics, Designing an Experience

People have fundamental needs and desires – for reward, status, achievement, self-expression, competition, and altruism among others. These needs are universal, and cross generations, demographics, cultures and genders. A large part

Great Systems Need to Create Flow

Our attraction to games and the enjoyment they produce is a concept highlighted in Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow. According to Mihaly, human beings achieve a state of optimal experience when our skills


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