I love to design and build things that help people live better lives.

I enjoy thinking about ways to live a better and healthier life and writing about entrepreneurship, organizational culture, system thinking, and creative design.

3 Professional Insights about Earning Respect

I wanted to share a few thoughts I had on the the important of mutual respect. Pretty much all successful businesses, regardless of what they do or sell, have one thing in…

I’m always trying to learn more.

I’m passionate about health, data science, intelligent systems and the psychology of people. My mission is to work with people I respect and build systems that will modernize and automate archaic processes to drive better outcomes.


Health systems that serve to optimize and support health provider services and health seeker needs using automated no-code low-code workflows.


Dental analytics system that helps clinic owners and dental leaders proactively manage operational and financial outcomes for dental groups.

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I’m an inspired, growth-minded entrepreneur. I mentor youth, teach systems thinking and consult tech companies and startups.

Rob Saric
Ottawa, Ontario