A very good colleague of mine is quickly becoming the ‘go to’ person at his new company.  He’s the type of person every boss absolutely loves because he actually gets shit done and makes them look great in the process. Rather than adopting the big-company mentality, where decisions and processes slow down any actual work accomplished, he kept his entrepreneurial growth-mindset and has taken on and successfully delivered several high profile projects within his first 6 months. Something many others had failed to do.

Just because you may work in a corporate environment or large business does not mean you cannot embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. Be an insatiably curious Intrapreneur. Steve Jobs popularized the term “intrapreneurship” in a 1985 Newsweek article. A talented person who is comfortable making decisions in the face of ambiguity, and accepting the idea of failure and learning from failure. The best work environments (no matter how small or large the organization) build that into their culture.

Make an impact no matter what you do

Whatever your role is within an organization, do not be afraid of trying to create new things — new product innovations, new sales delivery platforms, new marketing innovations, whatever – even with limited likelihood of succeeding. We all need to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone if we intend on learning and improving.

The best entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs – are comfortable pushing into many unknowns. If you’re looking to begin your career, open a new business or grow in your current position, whatever, always focus on being great at delivering and doing – no matter where you work. When you have proven that you can deliver real value to someone else — you are most likely capable of creating value on your own. There is a simple book called The Fred Factor, and the whole point of the story is how passion in your work and life can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. It’s true.