Victory is the Essence of Confidence

|April 21, 2011
Is success simply a matter of money and talent? Or is there another reason why some people and organizations always land on their feet, while others, equally talented, stumble again and again?

The Arnold Factor, Relentless Determination

|March 15, 2011
Whatever it took to succeed .. I was willing to do it” ~Arnold Schwarzenegger Throughout his life, Arnold Schwarzenegger had built his career by reinventing himself – from bodybuilder, to Hollywood superstar,

Game Mechanics, Designing an Experience

|March 8, 2011
People have fundamental needs and desires – for reward, status, achievement, self-expression, competition, and altruism among others. These needs are universal, and cross generations, demographics, cultures and genders. A large part of
Listening is for leaders

Listening is the Language of Leaders

|January 18, 2011
Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” Bernard M. Baruch I want you to do a quick mental exercise. Think about your conversations