Over the past 10 years, I have had the opportunity to meet and come to know several people, from many cultures and walks of life and with the economy and society ever evolving, I am always interested not only in what “drives” them, but also, what “inspires” them.

So! This post is purely from a professional perspective and I’m asking all of YOU!! What is your source of inspiration — in your job, your business or your career? What drives you each morning to work harder, to push for success and to ultimately become a winner?

After taking some time to examine what truly motivates me, I have come to realize that we can find inspiration everywhere.  When I turn to my professional associations and their resources, or when I attend educational sessions, I’m inspired.  Everything from my peers and mentors to volunteering and even communicating with thought leaders, their passion is contagious. Just as an example, I thought about my work over this past week and quickly came up with three sources of professional inspiration.

1. Reading.

I find inspiration in everything I read. If I need ideas or don’t feel really imaginative, I look to find people that share similar interests and check out their work, their websites and their blogs. Chances are you’ll find something interesting, and it may trigger your creativity switch. Studying successful people can definitely help on your way to success. By being a lifelong learner – each experience can inspire us to think of better ways to improve ourselves.

2.  Integrity, Professionalism and Leadership.

Practicing integrity, professionalism and leadership in my work is equally inspiring as well. Very often the world is not perfect, being able to be in the position to change things to set things right is certainly a plus to me. I believe in integrity and being professional by working hard. Leading by example – don’t blame others, take responsibility and deliver quality solutions; thus achieving the trust and respect of others.

3. Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity.

Exposure to tough problems stimulates the creative mind and being able to solve those issues by inspiring other team members and helping them recognize their potential and strengths gives me a great boost when they become ready to take on more challenging roles. It is very inspiring for me when my colleagues, co-workers are capable of facing challenges & overcoming them.

Inspiration is everywhere. In the strangest places thoughts about how to improve a process, create a more cohesive team, add a product, entice a member, or create a marketing opportunity may strike. It may happen while attending a non-related industry meeting, reading a newspaper or journal, daydreaming, or talking with colleagues about their practices. Be ready.

And if you DON’T find inspiration in what you do I am curious as to how or why you would continue in that role? I am very interested to hear your answers.

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Thanks for reading.