Treat Contractors Well

|January 22, 2013
They come in all shapes and sizes: needy ones, demanding ones, ones that know too much, ones that know too little, ones that don’t pay – most of us have experienced at

Great Coders Are Artists

|January 5, 2013
I wanted to share my thoughts on the fine line between art and software design. Is software development an engineering discipline? Is it art? Is it more like a craft? Software is

Great Systems Need to Create Flow

|September 14, 2011
Our attraction to games and the enjoyment they produce is a concept highlighted in Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow. According to Mihaly, human beings achieve a state of optimal experience when our skills are

Always Play to Win

|August 25, 2011
For several years, teams in the SEC conference in NCAA football had adhered to a “war of attrition” game strategy: they called conservative plays and held on the ball for as long

Find Your Humble Rainmaker

|July 4, 2011
This post was inspired after I had a discussion with someone that I would call a “humble rainmaker”. I have only met a few people that I would say fall into this